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Lesson Plans for Secondary Education:

America at War from a Child's Perspective
(Middle/Junior High School) The theme of this curriculum unit will be an examination of the various ways that wars are presented in the movies and in historical fiction.

Berlin During World War II
(High School) This unit is intended to help students understand what happened in Berlin during and after the war.

Changing Attitudes Toward War and Women in the 20th Century
(High School) It is the purpose of this unit to show students that war films do more than tell stories and provide catharses for viewers. Each film also conveys the social values and the mores of the period in which it was produced and addresses attitudes not only toward war, but also toward topics closely associated with war, such as the morality of fighting, the causes for which it is moral and just to fight, the definition of heroism and the responsibility of the individual to exhibit ethical behavior.

Teaching the Realities and Consequences of War to Young Minds
(Middle/Junior High School) This six-week unit will use a variety of literature about war and its consequences to study how war affects young people's understanding of life in general, and growing up in a troubled world in particular.

What Happens to Humanity During Cruel Times?
(Middle/Junior High School) This unit of study will include literature regarding the Holocaust as well as other periods in which times were difficult. Students will read of the Holocaust through nonfiction, historical, and biographical accounts, and through fiction set within the realities of those times.

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